The child-resistant, senior-friendly blister card solution.

Why Blister vs. Bottle

Child-resistance inadvertently disabled

No opportunity for branding/messaging.
Last pill; no refill on hand.

Safety and patient compliance/adherence are among the most important factors to consider with the design and production of any pharmaceutical product, particularly in the areas of child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging.

The benefits of Key-Pak vs. traditional bottles are clear and cross multiple market segments:

In terms of safety, studies have consistently shown that blister packaging outperforms child-resistant bottles. The CR features used in bottles often become disabled. Caps can also be inadvertently left off bottles, nullifying any CR features. In contrast, Key-Pak achieved F=1, the highest child-resistance rating available. Package re-closing is not necessary to maintain child-resistance. Unlike many CR bottle solutions, Key-Pak does not require additional labels, cartons or plastic components to become child-resistant. During CR testing, there were zero (0) doses accessed by children.

Studies also show the direct connection between well designed unit dose packaging and improved patient compliance/adherence. Key-Pak helps to achieve several goals:

  • More accurate dispensing: Pre-packaged Key-Pak cards reduce bulk dispensing and handling errors.
  • More accurate dosing: Unit-dose Key-Pak cards are easier to use, particularly for patients taking multiple pills per dose and those who have difficulty remembering proper dosage protocols. Key-Pak's
    Push-Through-Pull-Tab Indicator reduces the chance of patient dosing errors.
  • Improved refill rates: Key-Pak makes it easier for patients to manage their own supply of products.  With bottles, many patients don't realize they need to refill their prescription until they are down to the last pill. This can lead to missed doses until such a time the patients can get the refilled prescription. With the calendar format of Key-Pak you can print refill reminder. For example, you may choose to have the package indicate it is "time to refill" when there are 5 doses remaining on the card.
  • Ease of use: In addition, 100% of seniors were able to successfully access their medications and comply with dosing requirements with senior-friendly Key-Pak packaging. This not only improves patient outcome; it can help to increase overall product sales.